In a world where the demand for energy grows ever so exponentially, the need to explore different concepts of renewable energy grows with it. And through years of observation and research, it has become apparent to us that earth science is essential to come up with the most efficient solution to our energy problems. is a site that deals with the observation of the effects of natural forces on the production of electricity and the efficiency of the energy industry. We aim to deliver information to the world regarding these effects through simple articles, testimonies, and news of innovations. Through this, we hope to create an information hub where independent researchers and young minds can come up with unique solutions through the use of the information we deliver.

We explore different concepts such the effects of climate change to power production facilities and the changes in the workload of individuals in these facilities. Looking at different approaches to increase efficiency and the output of these facilities.

We try to inspire young minds to pursue careers in earth science and the energy industry, through the showcasing of new technologies and experimental renewable energy. Allowing them a peek at what could be the future of energy.

We investigate the changes in the demand for energy in response to the changes of seasons and weather conditions.

Simply put, is a group that aim to approach the energy problem in a scientific manner to reach practical, efficient, and innovative solutions through the power of investigative work and the written word, allowing those who are not familiar with scientific jargon and unable to analyze mountains of scientific data to approach the matter with us and allow them a sneak peek at the possible future of the energy production, and quite possibly the world.