Electricians Exploring Renewable Energy Sources

Earth Observation or EO is a term used to refer to any form of data gathering about the earth, whether it be the earth’s physical, chemical or biological systems. While mankind has always been observant of his natural surroundings, recent technological developments in surveying, remote sensing, and sometimes just physical observations, as well as the growing concern of the impact of human activities on the earth, Earth Observation or EO has now become a global movement. And one significance of EO is its contribution to efforts towards sustainable development through the management of natural resources, including the exploration and monitoring of renewable energy sources.

wind turbine

The need for sustainable development is necessitated by the growing world population, now numbering somewhere around seven billion, all living on a planet with limited resources. Power and energy are in high demand; hence the need to shift to alternative energy sources that are also renewable has become imperative.

Some of the renewable energy sources currently available to mankind are solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power. These are naturally occurring sources of energy that are also capable of becoming naturally replenished. In short, they are not finite in supply, unlike other energy sources such as fossil fuels, coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy. And because these alternative and renewable sources of energy are naturally occurring, they are heavily influenced by weather and climate conditions, which makes the data gathered by EO so significant to the energy sector which seeks to work with these kinds of renewable energy sources.

solar panels

At present, the world’s energy supply still relies heavily on natural gas, coal, nuclear power, and petroleum, but renewable energy sources are slowly gaining a large percentage of this total. In 2013, only about 14% of the energy utilized was sourced from renewable energy sources. This number has since climbed to nearly one third in 2016 and an electrician in atlanta georgia who was my coworker is happy that changes for the better are happening at a rapid rate. And these numbers are steadily growing as the output of renewable energy sources have also begun to grow. We are becoming more adept at managing these kinds of energy sources, which makes it important for electricians to begin expanding their skill set and experience to include training, education, and experience in power sourced from these renewable energy sources, the most common of which now include solar and wind energy. And because of the peculiar nature of these kinds of natural energy sources, electricians that seek to work with these kinds of renewable energy sources must also be, whether formally or informally, also part of and contributors to Earth Observation.